Australia’s Leading Sustainable Transport Consultancy

PMP Urbanists is an Australian-based sustainable transportation consultancy with a notable reputation for solution-focused outcomes on a range of complex projects.

Australia’s Leading Sustainable Transport Consultancy

PMP Urbanists is an Australian-based sustainable transportation consultancy with a notable reputation for solution-focused outcomes on a range of complex projects.

Australia’s Leading Sustainable Transport Consultancy

PMP Urbanists is an Australian-based sustainable transportation consultancy with a notable reputation for solution-focused outcomes on a range of complex projects.

The same team, the same frank and fearless advice. MRCagney is now PMP Urbanists.

Who We Are

This year, we celebrate 21 years of success as MRCagney in Australia. As we reflect on our work over the last two decades there’s a lot to be proud of. We have worked to shape countless towns and cities across Australia, with a strong focus on moving people and creating excellent place outcomes. Beyond a single technical discipline, our work reflects the importance of how People, Movement and Place come together to create the very best environments.

With our new name and look, we are on a mission to create towns and cities that prioritise People, Movement and Place. We focus on walking, cycling, public transport and technology and how they come together to create environments where people want to live, work and play.

  • We promote superior urban form that focuses on people, encourages diverse neighbourhoods, and delivers quality public realms.
  • We prioritise walking, cycling and shared transport options ahead of congestion generating single occupant car use.
  • We use technology to inform and enhance the way in which we plan and design smarter cities.
  • We champion long term sustainable development that protects the liveability of towns and cities for future generations.

Why Choose PMP Urbanists

Transit and Transport Strategy

Transit and Transport Strategy

We have a proven record of more than 20 years in providing quality advice on transit and transport strategy and planning to both public and private sector clients.

Walking and Cycling

Walking and Cycling

We are the leading consultancy in prioritising walking and cycling in all our work. Above all other modes, walking, cycling and micromobility provide the most sustainable alternative to private vehicles.

Urban Design and Masterplanning

Urban Design and Masterplanning

Our team are experienced in master planning and urban design. We have a long history of creating masterplans that focus on prioristing people, movement and place.

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering

We have a highly experienced team of engineers, planners and designers that provide the best solutions to solve real-world transport and traffic challenges.

Design Services

Design Services

We are focused on designing safe and sustainable outcomes that are future focused and maximise the use of existing resources and infrastructure, while planning for sustainable and economically competitive towns and cities.

Transport and Technology

Transport and Technology

We bring together the very best of transport and technology to shape the future of our industry. Our teams are specialists in providing advice on electric mobility and technology that prioritises information and human movement.

Case Studies

Cowes and Access Movement Study (2021)

The Cowes Access and Movement Study provides a holistic review of the Cowes transport and street network. The project sought to provide Council with a suite of recommendations to help the town move more efficiently and sustainably and create a more vibrant town centre by prioritising human movement.

The recommendations from the study will inform the preparation of urban realm masterplanning work currently in progress.

Northland Urban Renewal Precinct (NURP) (2018):

NURP is a 153 hectare site in East Preston in Melbourne’s north. While currently consisting of predominantly warehouse and light industrial use, the City of Darebin has a vision for a vibrant mixed-use urban centre where place quality, walking, riding and transit are prioritised over cars. Our work delivered a proposed street network primarily in a gridded pattern of highly walkable 70-100m blocks.

A suite of street typologies with accompanying dimensioned design guidance. Recommended application of street designs to the proposed network and intersection design guidance.

Sunshine and Albion Station Precincts (2020):

We were engaged by Brimbank City Council to deliver two reports to be used in its discussions to advocate with State Government authorities (e.g., Rail Projects Victoria), for improved Council and community outcomes as a result of major projects around local railway stations and transport interchanges.

The final reports focused on transport actions that are suitable for the future land use context of the precinct and prioritise sustainable transport services including public transport, walking and cycling.

North Hobart Place Vision, Parking and Access Plan (2020)

North Hobart is a vibrant dining and bar precinct centred around one of Hobart’s traditional high streets, Elizabeth Street. Elizabeth Street has many great place qualities, but naturally faces some challenges with sustainable and place sensitive access.

We led the parking and access component of the analysis and consulted extensively with community and council to tailor recommendations that will help North Hobart achieve its place vision now and into the future.

UQ Masterplan Walking and Cycling Strategy (2016-2017)

We delivered a Walking and Cycling Strategy for the University of Queensland (UQ) Master Plan for the St Lucia campus. The project included an options analysis for a new pedestrian and cycling bridge between West End and St Lucia, two inner suburbs of Brisbane. Located 5 km from the Brisbane CBD, the UQ St Lucia campus covers 110 hectares and currently serves 48,000 students and 5,500 staff.

Maroochydore City Centre Car Parking Strategy (2015):

We were commissioned by Sunshine Coast Regional Council to develop a parking strategy for their ambitious Maroochydore City Centre project, which centred on the redevelopment of a 62 hectare site in Maroochydore case study, principally made up of the Council owned Horton Park Golf Club, into a new city centre for Maroochydore.

Our role was critically important to ensure prescribed parking policies facilitated the desired type of development, and the new city centre avoids the unintended consequences of poor parking policy that besets almost all existing Australian cities and towns.

Brisbane Inner City Mobility Strategy (2019)

Major changes are coming to Brisbane’s transport networks, creating an unprecedented opportunity to shape the look, feel and function of the city’s downtown. These changes include Cross River Rail, Brisbane Metro and the Queens Wharf redevelopment. Our work was to create a Brisbane Inner City Mobility Strategy that presented a range of complementary policy and infrastructure interventions to help the State capitalise on this change to make Brisbane’s downtown an exemplar place for people.

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“… [the project] was critically important to ensure prescribed parking policies facilitate the desired type of development”

“Thank you very much for all the time and effort put in. We are very happy with how much was covered in this [project].”

“The team provided a high quality, customer focused service and delivered on time and to budget. The final report met and in some areas exceeded the brief and the stakeholder consultation elements were handled sensitively.”

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PMP Urbanists have a special combination of skills to support our partners across strategic transport and transit, walking and cycling strategy, urban design and traffic engineering.

We are the leading sustainable transport consultancy in Australia and pride ourselves on our future-focused planning solutions.

We are committed to creating places that promote sustainable movement, for the people living in them.

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